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Robert C Fullerton
Robert C Fullerton
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Robert C Fullerton says he grew up in a home where his parents were always singing around the house, and the radio and record player were on more often than the television. It was a steady diet of Bandstand, Ed Sullivan, church music, early C&W, and Rock & Roll.

Picking up the guitar at age 12, Robert has since been involved in musical ventures that span several styles: folk music in coffeehouses, traditional/contemporary/gospel in churches, classical as a private school choral director, rock/blues in cover bands, and fronting a jazz ensemble. All of these had different elements of writing and/or arranging. For the past six years, however, Robert has focused his energies on his songwriting.

He currently has two solo albums, NEVER TOO LATE (2013) and LET IT RAIN (2016), and is working concurrently on two new albums for release later this year: YOU WEREN'T THERE, and an unnamed live album. You can hear his music being played on area independent radio stations, and used in Elmwood Productions' soon to be released series, "The Risley Brothers". His music is also available on Amazon, Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, and other digital music markets.